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Organic Produce Available

* 2 Year Rotted Manure
* Older Rotted Manure
* Soil Free Compost - Min 8 Year Wormed
* Best Top Soil in Britain CATAGORY A1


Manure For Sale!!
Organically Rotted Horse/Donkey Muck for Sale. Open Daily 10am til 5pm
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Guiness In Trouble
Guiness wanders into ToughGuy Canal....
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Autumn News
Read our latest News for the Autumn. Read about how we need to prepare for the winter 
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Poppy and Hamilton
Poppy and Hamilton arrived here on 12th August with Strangles Disease....
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Alzheimer Sufferer Visits
Gordon who suffers from alzheimers and demtia visited today to see the donkeys....
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Help Rescue Circus Horse
He needs your help. Rescued along with Pedro. He has recently been castrated....
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Latest News

Guiness Wanders into ToughGuy Canal and with an hour resumes his Beautiful Life

New Arrival Poppy and Hamilton are put into Quarantine for Strangle Disease

Alzheimer Sufferer Visits THS